Wastebasket Revue is excited to host the 57th show, “WBR LVII” in the Park Center Senior High Auditorium. We appreciate our Patrons and all of your support over the years. We started something new with tickets last year! Instead of set ticket prices we are instead suggesting a donation of $12 per ticket, but you can choose to donate what you see fit. We do need to set a price for the online ordering platform so tickets are $1 each and you can add a donation you feel is appropriate. Please remember, ticket sales are the main way we raise funds for the scholarships.

We will continue to honor our Patrons in our program based on their contribution level. $50, $100, $175, $250 and beyond. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) and your donation is tax deductible. Please consider making a donation to help us provide scholarships to graduating students.

To make a donation select “add a donation” on the checkout screen.

*Handicap seating at Park Center is in rows J and K. If you need handicap seating at Park Center please call the WBR hotline to get assistance. 763-391-7205 or email info@wastebasketrevue.org

Please note: The following additional charge will be applied when you add tickets to your cart: $0.50 per ticket