Welcome to our ticketing system for the NHS Drama’s Spring Musical. If you have any problem with the system, feel free to contact me at nhsdrama@nevadacubs.org. Tickets for the spring musical are all $7 per person for the live performance and $5.50 per person for the virtual performance which is at the same time as the live performance. All seats are covid mitigated by the program so you can only see available seats, not those used as a buffer. A few pointers:

  1. If you want more than 10 seats together, you will have to do two orders and either stack them one row in front of the other or continue the same row.
  2. Please watch for single seats that are left in between groups and fill in those seats. (The buffer is already in place so you only see seats available after the buffer.) It is very difficult to fill those seats and costs the program money when they are left unfilled.
  3. If you are ordering handicap accessible seats or wheelchair seats, you will have to get those from the box office. Each handicap accessible seat or wheelchair seat has a minimum of one partner seat next to it. Email me your total order and I will fill it for you. nhsdrama@nevadacubs.org
  4. Our covid seating values are 2 seats (roughly 6 feet) and one row. This buffer doesn’t apply to seats within the same order, so shoppers can continue to add seats to their cart next to seats they’ve already added. In addition, if a shopper returns later, and enters the same email address used to purchase previously, the shopper will be able to buy seats immediately adjacent to the previously bought ones.
  5. All patrons are required to wear a mask while you are in the building.
  6. You will also have the option of buying a virtual ticket. This ticket will allow you to watch the show live with the use of a special web link. Please feel free to let me know how this works for you so that we can have the best ticketing site possible. Karen Niblock, NHS Drama Director