In a far away world, in the time before, a good king ruled the land The free folk dwelled, their lives beheld the reward of their own hands When evil came, no trumpets rang, it seeped without a sound And the monsters all, who heard its call, rose up from underground.

The good king fought, as all kings would, he sent his bravest knights. His elven guard fell quick and hard, their minds lost in the fight. The king concerned that magic learned, the only hope they had. His wizard sent, his options spent, the king stood lone and sad.

The land grew dark, its’ leaders lost, all ended without means The evil rose, its power grows with every soul it gleans.
The monsters reign, the wise abstain all words that might offend. A prophecy - their only hope - this nightmare has an end.

Can you complete the Quest of Souls? Join us for this IMMERSIVE, FANTASY, THEATRICAL Experience as we blend storytelling, performance, and puzzles into this unforgettable adventure. Journey through the land of Gwlor - encountering 5 levels of elves, nymphs, goblins and more. The deeper you journey, the more dangerous it becomes - but can you find the lost souls?