Prepare to enter the fantasy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: An Immersive Experience for Families, on the campus of the Pioneer Springs Community School in Charlotte. Just like Alice, (or in this production four Alices!) a maximum of sixteen audience members must make a choice to follow Alice either through The Garden Adventure or The Forest Adventure.

The Garden Adventure with Alice Diamonds or Alice Clubs will guide you to the Duchess and the Cook, the Cheshire Cat, the Gardeners and the Flowers, before navigating an incline to walk down into the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Viewers will find places to rest in and around the school.

The Forest Adventure with Alice Spades or Alice Hearts will encounter the Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar Diva, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and the Gryphon and Mock Turtle, all on a path through the forest near a pond. This trip will have minimal seating along the way.

Each journey winds up at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where a cookie and water will be served. Audiences will have a chance to play croquet with The Queen and King of Hearts and The White Rabbit. In the grand finale audiences will witness Alice’s trial as the dramatic finish.

With multiple actors playing some characters, you will want to check the cast list if you wish to see a particular actor.

As the show is an outdoor experience, be sure to have bug spray and sunscreen handy.

Ticket prices include the refreshments at the Tea Party and North Carolina sales tax.

For more information, contact: Dr. Wrenn Goodrum at (704) 707-6757.

FOREST ADVENTURE Alice Spades – Peyton Meiners, Alice Hearts – Madison Pinto, Cheshire Cat – Aiden Honeycutt, Caterpillar Diva – Kathleen White, Tweedle Dee – Mary Skogen, Tweedle Dum – Izzy Blanks, Gryphon – Reese Eige, Mock Turtle – Jamie Wyrocki

GARDEN ADVENTURE Alice Clubs – Mylo Sommer, Alice Diamonds – Emerson Adams, Duchess – Kaia Goodpasture, Cook – Sara Snegosky, Cheshire Cat – Aryana Berisha, Sunflower – Penelope Kay, Rose – Evelyn Goodpasture, Tiger Lily – Blair Hamlin, Gardener Six – Connor Welch, Gardener Eight – Emma Lamphere, Ace of Spades – Adyson Berisha

Mad Hatter – Kohen Hamlin, March Hare – Ayden Berisha, Dormouse – Sydney Adams, White Rabbit – Emma Henley, Knave of Hearts – Connor Welch, Queen of Hearts – Jewel Caceres, King of Hearts – Bradley English

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